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Serving beauty for 60 years, on the way of success

STELLA Plc. celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2012. Our company has already provided services and high quality products to its Hungarian and international beauty partners for more than 60 years. STELLA has one of the biggest tradition and strongest market position among the professional beauty companies in Hungary. Its decisive market role can be attributed to its 60 years of professional experience and well-balanced, continuous development for serving the beauty industry.

The company offers high quality products meeting the market demands, which are driven by complexity, actual trends, quality and innovation.

Today it distributes over 5.000 products, 80% of which has been developed by STELLA as a private label product. Its wide range of products offers full selection for home- and professional use from top to toe:  products of face-, body-, hand- and feet care, hair and beauty salon supplies, electrotherapy equipments and salon furniture.

The company has stable management and financial position, it is an economical, profitable, creditable business.

Professional awards

Lady  STELLA cosmetic brand is one of the favourite brands among professionals, it received twice (in 2008 and 2009) the honourable „Hungarian Product Quality Award” and in 2011 it was rewarded with„Hungarian Brands Award”. These acknowledgements hallmark also the high quality of all the other brands distributed by STELLA.

Hungarian Product Quality Award

Hungarian Product Quality Award is an honourable title, certifies the reliability of the producer and distributor of the product. The owner of this prize is provided with a positive discrimination by consumers and it brings along a moral recognition. This way becomes the „European Passport of Certified Quality”.

Hungarian Brands

The Hungarian Brands is a program aiming at challenging the most prominent domestic brands. The Hungarian Brands awards domestic brands, whose products and services represent values at the domestic and international markets certifying reliability and quality for the customers. So, the brand Lady STELLA has been entitled to win this prize. STELLA was provided with „Capital Economy Award” in November 2011 by The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

 „We are proud of winning these two honourable prizes in 2011.”


BISNODE „AAA” certificate

STELLA won another honorable title in 2013: our company is ranked as  BISNODE „AAA” organization, which means its creditworthiness rating is above-average. Only 9.82% of the Hungarian companies were able to obtain this certificate.



Continuous innovation

STELLA  is endeavouring to perform continuous innovation, research and development activity for creating excellent products meeting the highest expectations of the beauty and hair-stylist professionals. Its products are not only well-known and acknowledged by the Hungarian, but also by the foreign professionals. STELLA ensures a unique incentive system for professionals through its Regular Customer program.

STELLA’s future targets include continuous renewal, successful and intensive product development meeting the highest demands of the beauty and hair-stylist professionals and the creation of new facial, hair and body therapy families rich in natural active substances.

Accordingly, STELLA has already launched its newest – clinically pure, fragrance- and colour free, produced by nanotechnology – product range, called Lady STELLA MesoComplexmesotherapy cosmetics. Lady STELLA VitaLine shampoos are made with SLS-(Sodium Laureth Sulfate)-Free technology, so they do not contain sulfate derivatives that are common allergy-causing substances.

Lady STELLA VitaLine hair care products have a great success, because they are produced by using solar energy.

STELLA believes the importance of the environmental awareness, so it has focused on this issue while developing its Lady  STELLA brand. The products of Lady STELLA ArgiLine and Olíva Professional cosmetic brands are rich in natural ingredients and ecologically clean.

STELLA has started to replace the commonly used synthetic preservatives, perfumes, sunscreens and emulsifiers to natural, innovative ingredients (fruit- and herbal extract i.e. milk or beeswax, thermal water, seaweed derivatives etc.), therefore there is no irritation to the skin and it can promote the natural beauty care program preserving a hydrated, healthy skin, hair and nails.

Complex system of treatments

The activity of STELLA is more than creating cosmetics, since it provides not only the products, but also the know-how of the complex treatment systems for its professionals through workshops.

STELLA  has launched for its anniversary the most up-to-date and efficient products: the needle-free mesotheraphy and cavitation ultrasound equipments, Lady Stella MesoComplex and ArgiLineprofessional cosmetics. Within a short period of time these products became very popular among the professionals.

STELLA has the largest ever range of products, its assortment is almost renewed day-by-day. It offers favourable prices and regular sales promotion activities to its partners.

STELLA Department Store and Professional Stores are spreading

The stores await for wholesalers and professionals with a wide selection of products, fair prices and sales offers.

STELLA Department Store: 1142 Bp., Szőnyi út 41.; Tel: 06-1/470-5080;

Fax: 06-1/223-0243; E-mail: info@stellart.hu

STELLA Star / Extra Professional Store: 1136 Bp., Hegedűs Gy. u. 19-21.; Tel: 06-1/349-3976

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